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Deep Tissue

Massage therapy is a fabulous wellness treatment option. By using deep and varying finger pressure and slow firm strokes, deep tissue massage works wonderfully in treating many types of physical ailments throughout your body.

Deep Tissue Reduces Chronic Pain & Improves Blood Pressure

Classic Chinese Tuina

Tui Na, is a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which consists of stress and pain relief

Foot & Hand Reflexology

Our treatment is in Foot and Hands Reflexology blend the present with the past, by incorporating techniques that have been used for centuries. Foot and Hands Reflexology sessions will both relax and soothe you by applying pressure to points in the foot and hands, thus stimulating corresponding areas of the internal organs. 

Cupping Treatment

This ancient form of medicine involves the use of special cups to create a suction on the surface of ​skin. Not only does this massage deeply into the body's tendon, but also eases pain and inflammation, increases blood flow, and revitalizes the muscle.

Hot Stone

Our specially trained therapists will gently place smooth, heated stones on your body during this relaxation treatment. The heat emitted from each stone will loosen up tightened muscles, permitting our therapists to work more deeply.

Skin Management

A unique treatment concept from Seoul where you can customise the different components of a face treatment for the best results. Find out how korean beauties achieve flawless and smooth skin.


At Lefoot Reflexology we believe in achieving wellness through a variety of massage therapy techniques, including a full body massage (tuina), Hand and Foot Reflexology, Herbal Heat Therapy, Scraping Therapy, Foot Cupping and last but not least, a Herbal Foot Bath.


Majority of our massage services are provided to help with the most common physical ailments experienced by the male and female anatomy of our society today. These are; back pain, both upper and lower, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica pain, various joint and muscle pain, as with pain associated with arthritis. Deep tissue -  and various massage therapies have been proven to help all of these ailments, by providing relaxation and increase blood flow to the areas necessary.

However, we'd love to hear from you even better, to see you in person. Please call or even better,  stop in to see us, and we'll gladly accommodate you, any questions or any concerns you may have about your personal situation.

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